WMSC Premier id session

Come join the WMSC Premier ID session's. This opportunity is for players interested in the WMSC Premier program. We have our standard premier tryout dates in early April,

but would like to offer this additional session for potential players to showcase their talents.

To register visit www.westmorrissoccer.org or if you have questions please mail simon@cheshiresoccer.com

There is no fee to attend the ID session so we ask that only players with a definite interest in WMSC premier register for the events.

Dates for ID sessions are:

  • Feb 12th - 05G

  • Feb 19th - 09B & 08B

  • Feb 26th - 08G & 09G

  • March 5th - 10G & 10B

  • March 12th - 07B

  • March 19th - 06G & 07G

All sessions are 4.30-6pm, we ask that players arrive around 4.10pm to check in.

Players must wear sneakers (no cleats) and shinguards at the ID events.

id session Location:

Kozak Indoor Sports Center, 6 Middlebury Boulevard, Randolph 07869.

WMSC Premier Tryouts

Tryout Details for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Premier teams:

  • Girls Tryouts will be conducted on APRIL 1st and APRIL 3rd

  • Boys Tryouts will be conducted on APRIL 2nd and APRIL 5th

We are conducting two tryout sessions for the age groups listed below.

  • Payment and Program detail can be found HERE

  • Any questions please email wmscpremier@gmail.com or info@cheshiresoccer.com

Tryout Times:

GIRLS- APRIL 1st & 3rd:

  • Girls born 2010 U9  4:15-5:25pm 

  • Girls born 2009 U10 4:15-5:25pm 

  • Girls born 2008 U11 4:15-5:25pm 

  • Girls born 2007 U12 5:30-6:40pm 

  • Girls born 2006 U14 5:30-6:40pm

  • Girls born (05)(04)(03)(02)  High School 6:45-7:55pm

BOYS- APRIL 2nd & 5th:

  • Boys born 2010 U9 4:15-5:25pm

  • Boys born 2009 U10 4.15-5.25pm

  • Boys born 2008 U11 5:30-6:40pm

  • Boys born 2007 U12 5:30-6:40pm

  • Boys born (05)(04)(03)(02)  High School 6:45-7:55pm

Tryout Location:

Ralston Fields, 326 Mendham Rd W, Mendham, NJ 07945